Staff development: Research Data Management, 12 November 2015, 9.15am-12noon

Don’t miss the latest Research Data Management staff development event. You can sign up at and we have a description of the event below.

Many types of data are generated by research across many disciplines; technology now makes it easier for more data to be created by more people. Clear research data management provides the tools, processes and infrastructure to support the management of data, ensures that the data is maintained over time, and demonstrates good research practice and integrity.

This interactive session is aimed at all academic and postdoctoral staff engaged in research, who gather or generate data to support research analysis, such as documents, images, spreadsheets, databases, etc.

The session will:

  • discuss how different types of data can be managed throughout the research lifecycle, taking advantage of local, national and international services
  • describe and share good research data management practices and experience
  • explore how data can be published/shared to maximise its value
  • consider the issues of data preservation
  • meet funder requirements for data management

By the end of the event, participants will be able to:

  • understand how to take advantage of research data management support throughout the research lifecycle
  • appreciate how data publishing/sharing might be used to develop research practice
  • embed good research data management practice as required in local research

The session will allow time for discussions and for queries and issues to be raised.


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