Open Access to Publications in Horizon 2020 2 December 2015

Here’s an opportunity to learn more about Open Access and Horizon 2020 being promoted by JISC:

FOSTER is running a course and webinar on Open Access to publications in Horizon 2020.

Are you participating, or willing to participate, in an H2020 funded project? Would you like to know more on how to comply with the H2020 Open Access mandate? Join in the moderated FOSTER Course “Open Access to publications in Horizon 2020” (,   from November 30th to December 4th, and attend a Webinar on Wednesday, December 2 at 12:00 CET.

Target audience: researchers and students, project managers, librarians and repository managers.

Learn about:

  • The context of the H2020 OA mandate
  • Compliance with the H2020 OA mandate by depositing publications in repositories
  • Reuse of deposited publications in Horizon2020

On 2 December a one hour webinar will be hosted, which will give course participants the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the compliance issues, and get direct replies to their questions and doubts. To participate in the webinar, that will be hosted at, all you will need is an internet-connected computer with sound (and maybe headphones if you are in a busy room). Registration for the webinar is not required; please join up to 15 minutes before starting time. For the course, please register here

To check if your computer will be able to access the session successfully, please go to:


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