The next REF, HEFCE and Open Access publishing: guidance and events

The HEFCE policy for the next REF states that all university research outputs published in journals need to be open access to be eligible for the next REF. The local University policy ensures compliance with the HEFCE policy:
“All university research outputs published in journals must be deposited in Hydra, the institutional repository.”
Please send the author’s final version of your article and author’s acceptance email to within 3 months of acceptance.
Further help and guidance is available from our online Open Access LibGuide at
For general REF related enquiries please contact Andrew Taylor, REF Manager, Research and Enterprise:

As part of Library and Learning Innovation’s promotion of this agenda, there will be an Open Access Panel event on 25th April 2016 at 2:15pm in Wilberforce LR20. The panel will be made up of researchers from the University of Hull who will share their experiences of Open Access publishing. The event is open to all university staff.
In addition, members of the new Research Services Team invite colleagues to attend the following open 1 hour meetings:
11:15, 05/04/16, Derwent SR4
12:15, 21/04/16, Wilberforce LR22
14:15, 27/04/16, Derwent SR1
14:15, 04/05/16, Wilberforce LR20
15:15, 09/05/16, BJL Teaching Room 6
11:15, 19/05/16, Wilberforce LR08
15:15, 25/05/16, Larkin 1FF
14:15, 31/05/16, Wilberforce LR20
Members of the team will also be running promotional activities at Hull campus catering outlets at lunchtimes throughout the forthcoming months.


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